The Hanukkah Times




Hanukkah doesn't always start on the same day.  Last year it was during Thanksgiving. This year it starts on Tuesday December 16th, at sundown and ends on Wednesday the 24th. I'm in charge of the decorations in my family. I set up the fireplace with snowflakes and the presents. I put the dreidel lights out front, and the menorah on the windowsill and kitchen counter. A menorah is a nine branched candle holder lit during the eight days of Hanukkah.

 The holiday is eight days because when the Maccabees went to light the eternal light in the temple, they only had enough oil to last for one day. The miracle was that oil lasted for eight nights instead of one. This is why the menorah has eight branches, because the oil lasted for eight days. The ninth one is the helper candle, you are supposed to light that helper first. Then from there, you are supposed to light the candle from newest to oldest.

This year my family will celebrate Hanukkah with my dad’s side of the family while we vacation in Mexico, and with my mom's side of the family here in Denver. Every year, either my family or my grandparents host this wonderful event. First, we light the candles, then eat some delicious dinner. This dinner involves potato latkes, brisket, and some scrumptious strawberry jello. After everyone is finished, we gather around the fireplace, and open our mysterious gifts. We eat dessert, then we hang out and then unfortunately everyone must go. There are eight nights, so this will only happen one night out of the eight. The other seven days are spent more casual, after dinner we open presents, and get ready for another day.  


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