The Battle of Five Armies


 The Battle of the Five Armies, directed by Peter Jackson, is well worth the watch.

 The Battle of the Five Armies, directed by Peter Jackson, is well worth the watch. The sheer amount of attention paid to detail is astounding, it really made the movie engaging and fun to watch. Some details seemed to be taken directly from the book, while others were not mentioned in the original text but I think made the movie better overall. Although the movie did deviate from the book quite a lot, the creators did a good job tying the new parts in to the original story in a way that made sense. All the actors did a wonderful job of playing their character convincingly and portrayed them accurately, as well. The actors’ talent, the intricate sets, and New Zealand’s beautiful scenery combined to create a place that seemed to exude magic, mystique, and adventure, just like Middle-Earth.


 Music played by a full orchestra and painstakingly choreographed movements added grace and feeling to the movie’s battle scenes, as well as its non-battle scenes. As its name implies, there were many violent, bloody, and potentially disturbing scenes in the movie. Because of this, I would not recommend it to children under the age of thirteen. However, all ages above thirteen would still find this movie satisfying and entertaining.


The movie was not all action, though. It also had deeper morales, generally shown by the characters’ internal struggles, which were portrayed in a clear, understandable way. The Hobbit– with all its adventure, tragedy, friendship, and courage– is masterfully remade in The Battle of the Five Armies. Fans of the book and movies alike will find The Battle of Five Armies a remarkable and memorable end to the trilogy. Thank you to all the people– and animals– who helped to bring The Hobbit into being and make real the hopes and dreams of thousands of fans across the world.