Can Fish Climb Trees?




          I know you think you might have the worst life at school and with homework. But really it is not so bad. In the book, “Fish in a Tree” by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, the main character Ally Nickerson lives a hard life at school being bullied and unable to read. But as her sixth grade year goes on, Ally’s teacher Ms. Hall goes on maternity leave. Ally dreads how many times she will get sent to the Principal’s office by her new teacher, Mr. Daniels. But to Ally’s surprise she loves Mr. Daniels, with his unique, fun neckties and encouraging smile.

           This heartwarming book tells the story of Ally Nickerson and her struggles with dyslexia. She was told she was dumb by many bullies and she believed them. As Ally says in the book, “Well there is no cure for dumb. ”

            There are sweet and sour characters in this book, some of them change and some of them stay their sour selves. First off there is Albert he was one of my favorite characters in this book. He is one of Ally’s best friends. He is very intelligent and is a gentleman. He connects everything to science and cracks you up without meaning to. He has a rough life at home with his mom not approving of his dad being a scientist. She says he should get a more promising job. As if it couldn’t get any worse for Albert, he gets beat up every day after school. Even though he is a bigger kid than the kids that beat him up he does not believe in violence. Keisha also cracks me up she is another of Ally’s friend. Keisha is a talented baker and is kind hearted. She sticks up for people when they are being picked on by Shay. Shay is the meanest girl in school. She trains her friends to be like little puppies always following her lead. Shay’s best friend Jessica is probably a nice girl but it is like she froze her own heart just so she could be friends with Shay.

         This book taught me a lot about the struggles of kids with dyslexia and also that there are a lot of scientists, and authors and other famous people with dyslexia. I recommend this book for ages 8 and up. I also think girls would enjoy this book more than boys but I think it is a great book for everyone. Read this book and find out if there a “cure for dumb”?


  1.  I like your conclusion,

     I like your conclusion, makes you want to read the book. 

    EDIT:I guess what I said above
    dosen’t make much sense, but what I ment was your conclusion is excellent!

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