Colorado is #1


A federal survey conducted by National Endowment of the Arts ranks Colorado as number one in trips to theaters, concert halls, and museums. I interviewed Maura O’Neal, head of Communications and Media Relations at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. She gave me her thoughts on what that means for Colorado.
 “The fact that Coloradans are so interested in museums is a wonderful thing for our state,” she said. “To me, having lots of people interested in exploring local museums, theaters and parks is a sign of a healthy community.”
The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is the perfect example of why Coloradans love going to museums.
“What I like about the museum is that it’s a different experience everyday,” O’Neal said. “There might be a new temporary exhibition to explore, a different IMAX film to see, or a volunteer in Gems and Minerals that I haven’t spoken to before who shares something new with me.”
Some of my favorite things at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science are the Gnome hunt—little paintings or ceramics hidden about the museum. You can find the guide to the gnomes at the front desk.
And did you know that you can go out on the roof of the museum? You can have the best view of Denver’s skyline from the Sky Terrace, which you access by an elevator on the west side of the museum.
If you haven’t had the chance to go and visit the number one most-visited museum in Colorado, you should definitely go. Maybe you can find own favorite thing.