McFarland, U.S.A.




After getting fired from his job as football coach, Jim White must go to his last resort, McFarland, California. So, he and his family pick up the life their used to, and move. He becomes McFarland High School’s new P.E. teacher and assistant football coach. However, when there is a slight disagreement, and he’s off the football team, he begins to notices how fast his students can run. Can he coach the team of seven boys and lead them on at the first ever California state cross country meet?


If you are looking for a great movie to go see, I would highly recommend this one for you. McFarland, U.S.A. is so inspiring and interesting to watch. However, it is a slightly predictable, and felt a little long. On the flip side, you really connect with the characters and the movie. If you have ever participated in cross country running, you know how difficult the sport can be.


Because McFarland is a poor town, many issues arise that could be confusing or intense for younger kids. There is some violence and harsh language. Also, some of the movie is spoken in Spanish with English subtitles. If it is difficult for you to read subtitles, this movie would be a little hard to follow. And, like some other movies, the concepts are understood through inferences and may not be clear for young audiences.


Overall, I would rate this movie a four out of five stars and would recommend to ages ten and up. If you are into cross country, you would definitely enjoy this movie. You can watch in theaters starting February 20th.


  1. Ah, I just saw this movie
    Ah, I just saw this movie yesterday. I agree with your review except the movie didn’t seem long to me (I know it actually was, it didn’t feel like it to me). Me and my dad both really liked it.

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