Ender’s Game


     Far too many times, Earth has been a target for alien species.

     Far too many times, Earth has been a target for alien species. After eighty years of the alien race known as the “buggers” second invasion, the Earth is under another threat of being pulverized to extinction. The final survival of humanity lies on the shoulders of a military prodigy. Only one question remains who?
Meet Ender Wiggin, he’s effulgent, ruthless, and clever. An expedient and logistic master and a child. After being requested to the battle school, Ender is suddenly isolated and pressured to do the best at everything he does.
 Among the school’s students, Ender proves himself to be a genius among geniuses. He exceeds in artificial war games. However, a game is just a game, how will Ender perform in real life situations against the aliens? Especially when his life isn’t perfect as everyone think it is. After all, there all just games, isn’t it?


     Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is an for young and old. This book was thrilling for the most part and held my eyes the entire time that I read. This story is third-person, showing Ender’s and sometimes Ender’s sister, Valentine’s thoughts. I would recommend this book for more science-fiction and adventure lovers than romance lovers. This book also seemed to suit for more boys than girls. This is because almost all the characters in the story are boys and a very few girls. I personally thought that this book made an excellent point that even when you’re a genius, life is still very hard and also how you should always be you and no one else. Overall, it was one of the most thrilling sci-fi fiction I have ever read, I highly recommend you reading it.