You’ll Be Wild About These Wild Dogs


Attention dog lovers! You will absolutely love the African Wild Dogs at the Denver Zoo!


Attention dog lovers! You will absolutely love the African Wild Dogs at the Denver Zoo!


The Denver Zoo recently added 2 males, Jesse and Taco, to join their existing 2 female, Tilly and Cheza, wild dogs.  The boys are still very nervous since their recent move.  The girls tend to be much more active than the boys.  The female dogs love to run around and play with each other, while the boys are lazier and love to sleep all day.   The male and female dogs have been kept apart since the boys moved in, but the zookeepers say that they are going to try to introduce all of the dogs sometime this week.  They do believe that doing so will make the boys much more active!


The African Wild Dogs may look like hyenas with their neat coat patterns, but they are truly nothing alike.  They also aren't like the ones that you have at home.  They will not snuggle with you, let you pet them, or play fetch. They are truly wild and only ever approach a human during feeding time.  The African Wild Dogs eat up to 3 pounds of horse meat per day, and sometimes will eat a full rabbit.  The females can have up to 19 puppies at a time!  Luckily, the dogs love to take care of the pack and all dogs help take care of puppies, old, and sick dogs in the pack.  These dogs also do not bark.  They make high pitched, extremely loud birdlike sounds, that are also known as singing.  During breeding season, the male dog makes such a high pitched noise(to get the females attention) that the zookeepers actually wear something over their ears to block out the noise! 


Unfortunately, the African Wild Dog is on the endangered species list mostly due to man moving into their habitat, pushing them more toward their natural predators(lions), and man killing off the species.   The funny thing is that the dogs are located next to the lions at the zoo. Be sure and take a second look on your next trip!