A Breathtaking Place only Hours Away


 Moab, Utah is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

 Moab, Utah is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Whether it’s the towering spires of red rock, or one of the many thousands of arches in Arches National Park, or the needles and sweeping views of Canyonlands National Park. Although many beautiful places seem to be oceans away like the Great Wall of China, Moab is only a six hour drive from Denver through beautiful scenery. Even though most parks seem like they will be here forever, the arch formations will not. The park evolves over the centuries through erosion and old arches fall and new ones form. Delicate Arch may just be a pile of pebbles, and the main attraction will be a new arch.
The Canyonlands and surrounding area were formed mainly by the Colorado River. In a few hundred thousand years the river flowed creating magnificent spires and canyons. Arches National Park was formed by gradual erosion of wind and rain. But you don’t just come to Moab to see views from your car; you come to experience it close up. There are so many breathtaking sites, but here are some hikes that you must do in Arches: Delicate Arch is a difficult hike that is 3 miles roundtrip and has great views. Delicate Arch is the “mascot” of Arches. It’s even on the Utah license plate! The Devils Garden loop ( difficult ) is the longest hike at Arches at 7.2 miles and brings you to 11 major arches. The Landscape Arch in Devils Garden, is the longest arch in the world at 306 feet! And finally, the Windows Trail, with an easy rating, is one mile long.
Hiking in the desert isn’t all fun and games. You need to have the proper footwear on hikes (even the easy ones!) The rangers say you must drink at least a gallon of water a day, or you may become dehydrated, which is never good in the middle of a seven mile hike! I recommend dropping everything and heading to Moab, Utah for a week of hiking as soon as summer comes around. Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park cost $10 each and the passes are good for seven days.