When the World Changed


 After coming across a strange looking pin, Casey Newton’s life is turned completely upside down.

 After coming across a strange looking pin, Casey Newton’s life is turned completely upside down. Once Casey (Britt Robertson) touches the pin she is transported to Tomorrowland, a place where all the geniuses, artists, and leaders of the world gathered and made a futuristic place, without any villains or dangers. Tomorrowland is a place where anything is possible, from jet packs to gravity defying swimming pools, from hover-boards to flying trains. Thinking she’s gone crazy, Casey seeks the guidance of Frank Walker (George Clooney) and is flung into an insane adventure full of excitement and plot twists.

 Being a 7th grader and watching this movie, I was filled with wonder and admiration for the creators of this masterpiece in every second of this one hundred and thirty minute long movie. This stunning film would be extraordinary for any age group. The violence was definitely limited, so it is appropriate for younger audiences. In addition the language was dialed back for this movie and I give parents the green light on this blockbuster.

Disney clearly made this motion picture with the intention of a distinctive and different experience. The film is unique in light of the fact that it is made for kids, but is sophisticated enough to allure all ages. It is not only a movie geared towards children, but action packed and powerful, with good life lessons in between. I encourage all parents to take their children to see this fabulous picture, due to the incredible adventure, spectacular vigor in each scene, and the hysterical jokes.





  1. Thomas,
    This article is

    This article is amazing! It made me want to go see Tommorowland! Great job! The article rocks!

  2. Nice article! I like that you

    Nice article! I like that you say why you like it!!!I'm glad to know it's for younger viewers, and thanks for telling why it's for younger viewers!!! 🙂

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