Do you like surprises, mysteries, untold stories, as I do?

Do you like surprises, mysteries, untold stories, as I do? Well, if you do, you're sure to like Monstrous by MarcyKate Connolly!


'Monstrous' threw all sorts of twists, and turns at me, all I very much enjoyed. It always kept me guessing and made me want to jump into the book.


The theme of the story is a young girl named Kymera. She lives in a cottage with her father, a scientist, who recreated Kymera into a monstrosity to "save her from death". Kymera was created, and made friends, beginning to have a good life, only to be betrayed by the one she loved most, while trying to help Bryre – the city next door- from an evil wizard who was making an attempt at taking as many girls from Bryre as possible. Not to mention a boy she meets, about her age, in his teens, who changes her life forever.


The setting is classic, with kingdoms and castles, dragons, wizards and hybrids, most very threatening in the story but if it had been different, the story would have been destroyed.


The author, MarcyKate, did a fantastic job, making to story seem, almost real, the way she described the emotions Kymera was feeling and the way she made it seem, almost real. I also love the message MarcyKate sent through the book, "don't judge a book by its cover', even though many people in Bryre thought Kymera was a hideous monster, she was kind in heart, with good intentions.


'Monstrous' threw many emotions at me, sad, excited, mad, confused, but that all comes to prove it was an excellent book for high leveled readers who love a good story. I loved the story and wouldn't have changed it without a doubt.