Denver Zoo’s Surprise


     The Denver Zoo has a new surprise! On March fourth, a Steller Sea Eagle chick has been born!

     The Denver Zoo has a new surprise! On March fourth, a Steller Sea Eagle chick has been born! Not fully fledged yet, the chick is already a beautiful bird. It is nearly three months old and is slowly growing in adult feathers. The Denver Zoo is overjoyed to have this special opportunity to raise these amazing eagles. "I feel very special to be up close to such rare birds," says Stacy Johnson, the eagle’s keeper.


     The chick's mother's name is Ursula and its father's name is Vlad, but is known as “Vlad the Impaler," though in this pair, Ursula is known to be more feisty. Ursula has been in the zoo since February, 2006 and Vlad came in two years later in December of 2008.


     Stacy Johnson says that not many zoos in the US have Steller Sea Eagles. This is because of the climate. The Denver Zoo has a climate very close to the one in Russia and Japan so it is able to house these rare eagles.



     Steller Sea Eagles are very difficult to breed. In order to help breed these eagles, the Denver Zoo has provided all of the resources needed but says that everything else happened by chance. “We try not to interfere as best we can,” says Stacy Johnson, “But we give them a choice of places and materials to build the nest: like large sticks, juniper, evergreen, camel hair, and wood wool. It is not unusual, even in the wild, when the egg isn’t fertile or the mother eats the egg.”


     This pair of eagles practiced breeding several times. It took sometime before the Steller eagles had their first chick. Today the Denver Zoo celebrates a huge success and are proud to show their second eaglet. The chick is doing great and working on building his muscles. Lucky visitors can see the Steller eaglet flipping his wings on the edge of the nest and getting ready to fledge. “This is a very unique experience to see this baby grow into a magnificent bird,” remarks Johnson. So, don’t miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to see and admire the majestic family of Steller Sea Eagles. Come and visit the Denver Zoo!