The Perfect Storm


 Television host and biologist, Jeff Corwin recently spoke at The Amazing Adventures Travel and Recreation Expo and had some inspiring things to say.


Corwin can be recognized on the television program Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin and many others.


Ever since he was six, Corwin adored animals and studied a garter snake named, Gladys. “The job I have today was based on my experience with Gladys.” Corwin remarks. Now 41 years later he still has a keen passion for snakes.
Though he was raised in an urban environment in a normal family with a father who was a policeman he always enjoyed visiting his grandparents in the “country.” There he would learn about the natural world with the help of Gladys. It was after two years of observing Gladys that he got the motivation to become a conservationist. Corwin got his motivation when his grandparent’s neighbor killed Gladys.


Now after having two children, Corwin has changed the reason for his conservation passions. “My passion for conservation was about my child’s future in the world that she would inherit, because the truth is we can do everything we can for our children… but if we don’t give them a healthy environment their future is dark. If we don’t give them the resources for survival and enrichment their quality of life is grim.”


Corwin thinks of extinction as a “perfect storm” because with habitat loss, pollution, unsustainable exploitation of species, human population growth, and climate change it creates a perfect storm for species to perish. He also makes a point that humans are the species causing extinction, yet they are the only species that has the ability to stop animal extinction. Another point that Corwin made was that five percent can make a difference. Five percent can mean dedicating five percent of your time to a nonprofit or reducing your waste by five percent.