Young AmeriTowne is Learning and Fun Rolled into One!


Young AmeriTowne is an educational experience geared towards 4th and

Young AmeriTowne is an educational experience geared towards 4th and 5th graders to teach about business, finance, working….There are 2 locations, in Denver and in Lakewood. Upon entering facility, students looked in awe at the town that they would soon work. Smiles and gasping were observed when they caught sight of the realistic architecture and attention to details which gave the atmosphere a real town feel.

Young AmeriTowne is a simulation where everyone has a role to make things run smoothly. Participants get a job in shops such as: Sign and Print Shop, Newspaper Station, Medical Center, Fitness Center, Bank, Warehouse, Radio Station, College, Television Station, Snack Shop, Container Shop, Investment Company, Parcel Service, Parts and Service Shop, Utility Company, and Market. Mayor and Judge are voted into their roles of justice in the Towne Hall and work closely with the police.

This gives students a chance to manage their money and learn all about checks and other significant financial transactions. Kids learn to build their work habits and job skills while having fun! Nicholas Kim commented, “ Young AmeriTowne is a great place to experience what a real job is like.”

Every job plays a special role in order to make sure that the day in Young AmeriTowne runs flawlessly. Noah stated, “It’s great to work at the bank because you get to help people manage their money.” Being the editor of the Denver Post in Young AmeriTowne gave me the opportunity to experience what it's like to work in that role, meet close deadlines and experience the pressures involved.

The comments expressed by kids indicated that this trip might have been the most fun learning experience/class trip in elementary school!