A Captivating Movie About Growing Up


Do you ever wonder what is going on inside another person’s head?

Do you ever wonder what is going on inside another person’s head? I’ll bet you never imagined that there could be little people pushing buttons and pulling levers, controlling their emotions, as is the case in Inside Out.


Inside Out follows the life of Riley, an eleven-year-old who is moved from Minnesota to San Francisco when her father gets a new job. However, this isn’t your typical movie; most of it is told inside Riley’s head, by five emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. These emotions control Riley’s feelings and outward displays of emotion. They are also in charge of the Core Memories, the memories that affect Riley’s personality traits and are the most important memories. But when something happens to the Core Memories, it is up to an unlikely hero to save the day.


Inside Out is a captivating film that will awaken all of your emotions. It is both tear-jerking and hilarious, a bittersweet movie overall. It reminds people that it’s okay to have mixed emotions about things. Anyone who liked Up will adore this movie, because of the feeling behind it.


It doesn't matter what age you are; this movie will be enjoyed everyone. It will mean something different to everyone, too. For parents, it could be about watching their children grow and change; for older kids, it could be about growing up and moving on; and for little kids, it’s just another funny movie they will love. This film holds something for everyone.


Inside Out is one of the most deep, thought-provoking kids’ movies you will ever see. It will make you think about your emotions in a much different way, and afterwards, cause you to revisit your memories in a new light. If you think this is just another kids’ movie, you are mistaken; it is an incredibly touching film, and everyone will enjoy it.