A House Named Victoria


 In 1883 the Byers and Evan’s house was founded.

 In 1883 the Byers and Evan’s house was founded. The Byers family who was the first family to move into the house and they decorated the house with china, stained glass windows, and fancy furniture. After the Byers family moved out the Evans family took over the expensive mansion. The parents of the family were John and Margaret Evan and they had four kids.
Margaret, one of their children, was a musician and had a music room made just for her and her friends Margaret and Margaret. Margaret was the only daughter to get married.
When Josephine was a young she made fancy art pieces out of yarn, leather, paint, and other artist equipment. When World War 1 came along Josephine served as a nurse in the red cross treating badly wounded soldiers. Meanwhile, food began dwindling all over the world and and a flu began to spread. Josephine’s rumored boyfriend who was also involved in the war as a soldier died by the flu or he may have been shot. After the war Josephine spent most of her time in her room working on art.
The extremely rich Evan family owned a ranch, there they would spend the whole summer fishing, horseback riding, and getting bit by mosquitoes.
The Evans family were also big on education they had a library and other books all around the house. The Evan’s kids went to school and their father John Evans co-founded DU.
Katherine liked to play sports and Payed the taxes after her dad’s death. She became the manager of the house and basically took over her dad’s duties.
Ann was an artist and helped found the Denver Art Museum, Ann also helped save the Central City Opera House. Anne like many other women wore jewelry made out of human hair.
Margaret was last person to live in the house.