Byers Museum


The Byers Evans mansion called Victoria built in 1883 is now a museum people can take a tour in. This has been a museum since around the 1990’s.

This house is owned by Former governor Mr. Evans, and his family.
This house had many servants that only got payed $1 per day.
This family did a lot of family things, one example was they had Jewelry made out human hair. Another example is, John Evans wife and daughter had a living room in the house just for them.

John Evans died on July 2, 1897 also that would be 14 years after John bought the house. The Evans family repeated a lot of names like Evan the last name so it would be Evan Evans. I learned that if you wash silver one layer comes off. I also learned that the family used the coal stove to cook there food.

John Evans uses a foot warmer  for his feet to be warm anytime. William Evans is the second territorial governor of Colorado. William Byers founded rocky mountains news William Evans & family took over the house. Margaret was the musician ,Anne was more of an activist & artist, and Josephine Evans was an artist and more of a recluse. William & Cornelia Byers had kids named Frank, and Mollie. Also I think everyone should be able to see the Byers-Evans House Museum.


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