Colorado Capital


The amazing Colorado Capital Building holds many wonders and secrets to learn.The building was finished being built in 1901 on August first and had a huge gold dome up at the top of te majestic building, the dome weighed only 4 pounds [64 ounces] and the dome used 140,000 gold leaves each weighing no more than a mosquito does. The dome has been recently repaired, it was repaired in 2013.

In 1909 the first mile high marker was placed in the capitol’s boundaries.However the marker kept being stolen so the marker was carved in the steps. Later on, a new college moved to denver and set a more accurate marking in the steps.
The marble on the inside of the capitol is called Roseonyxis there are two pictures that were found while tunneling and shaping the Roseonyxis, one of the pictures shows George Washington and the other shows a turkey. Currently the house of Representatives is being refinished. The refinishing began on May 6, 2015.The distance between the main floor and the top of the rotunda is between 150-180ft. Outside there are two cannons in honor of the men that died in the civil war from Colorado because Colorado made an agreement with the federal government that if they sent troops to fight in the Civil War and protected their gold, they would become a state. They followed out and the territory of Colorado was made into the state of Colorado.Right down the street from the capitol is the supreme court where judges handle major cases. Our nickname is “The Centennial State” because Colorado was made exactly 100 years after the U.S. was declared a country. The Colorado Capitol building is truly an amazing place filled with historic wonders.