Colorado tourism


Colorado is a major tourist attraction for people across the world.

Colorado is a major tourist attraction for people across the world. Colorado is a place for skiing, hiking, amusement parks, sports events, or just a night on the town in downtown Denver with great food, drinks, and entertainment. When people come and visit it provides money and jobs for the state.

In 2013, 64.4 million trips were taken to Colorado and that provides lots of revenue from tax dollars which helps pay for schools, hospitals, and emergency. In 2013, 150,700 jobs were created in which case helps provide money for people who are unemployed. The problem is that an average of 3.2 vacation days go unused every year. Those days are taking away the economic growth in not only Colorado, but in the United States. The leading way tourists spend money is for their hotels, about 60% of tourism money is made from hotels. Tourism is in the top 5 ways the state makes money.

Do you wonder how the state has brings in millions of tourists every year? Advertising. Several times a year the state brings in groups of journalists to visit Colorado and write about about it and advertise it in their respective newspaper or magazine. They bring people from across the country and across the world. They also advertise on TV. Come to Life “In all of our advertising, that’s really our tag line” said Amber Kollman the director of consumer marketing. You’ll normally see these commercials in states like Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan which are defined as target markets. The main advertisement in the commercials is the outdoors and doing activities like hiking and skiing. Although tourism is worldwide for Colorado, especially in countries such as Japan, Germany, Canada, and Mexico, but the majority of the tourists come from parts of the United States.

Come visit the beautiful state of Colorado!