Colorado’s Capital


Today during our tour of the State Capitol of Colorado we saw many amazing and fascinating things, but there are some really crazy cool stuff there, and I am going to talk about it.

First, the two big giant doors are which the governor of Colorado walks out and sits down for important meetings. Also room 130 is like the check in to see the governor like when you sit in a lobby for a dentist.

Next, there are not so many office rooms in the capital. Only 35% of the rooms are used for office use. The other 65% is used for decoration or other use.

Last, but not least, the 9 * 12 ft embroidery Irish linen.

Womens Gold Tapesry said “ It took more than 4,500 hours and after 2 years of intensive work was completer in July 1977.”

As you can see, this place was a place with many intertesting things like the 9 * 12 ft linen.