Cowboys, Barbies and Slinkies… Oh My!


     Calling all history lovers, people of all ages, anyone who misses the kid in themselves!

     Calling all history lovers, people of all ages, anyone who misses the kid in themselves! Toys from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s are being shown at History Colorado Center, complete with Sara Lee, slinkies, Star Wars action figures, and many more! Saturday, June 13th will open up this masterpiece fit for nostalgic adults and amazed kids!

The exhibit is split into three main parts: 50s toys, 60s toys, and 70s toys. In between are display cases with Tonka Trucks, GI Joes, and a jumble of the hottest toys from the three decades shown. Also included in the exhibit are play areas with some of the toys from the times featured that can be enjoyed by 21st century tots.

In the 50s, cowboy merchandise and trains were all the rage. Bigger dolls, like Sweet Sue and Miss Revlon, were also having their golden age in the 50s because plastic became so easy to produce. The 60s brought around the Barbie doll and Lincoln Logs, both which continue to be huge hits. Other action figures were also big in both the 60s and 70s. Electronic toys came about in the 70s, like Simon, the memory building button game, with colors.

The exhibit was first shown at Minnesota History Center. Many crates later, History Colorado Center now has the exhibit and will show it for the next three months. After that, the exhibit will go elsewhere to amaze others.

To add to the fun, visitors can play with games and toys on the big map of Colorado on the first floor from 11:30am to 12:00pm every Tuesday. Alison Salutz, a museum educator, had plenty of fun setting it up. “Especially since you can come up with so many fun things you can do with the toys”.

Shannon Voirol was involved in the process, too. “[It’s an] interesting way to intersect between people’s own childhood and what was going on nationally.”