Everything Has A Moment


     During the Denver Post Youth Journalism day, group 9/The Technology Titans interviewed Brent Lewis.


     During the Denver Post Youth Journalism day, group 9/The Technology Titans interviewed Brent Lewis.


     Brent Lewis is a professional photographer. He started photography in his sophomore year of college after his grandfather gave him an old camera. “I instantly fell in love with photography,” Lewis said. After this event Lewis changed his entire career path by changing schools to become a professional photographer instead of an engineer.


     Lewis says the key to photography boils down to three main things; the moment, the composition (everything works well together), and light. Together these three things make the perfect picture. But no picture is perfect to everyone, “It’s all in the eye of the beholder,” Lewis said.
Lewis’s favorite thing to photograph is life. He likes being able to capture moments in life no matter how small. “Everything is a moment,” Lewis said.


     “I’m not creating things just capturing moments,” Lewis said. Lewis started working for the Denver Post nine months ago but his first job was in Chillicothe, Ohio for the Chillicothe Gazette. He has a little advice for people who think they might like to have a career journalism. “If you want to go into journalism work hard, be hyper aware. Pay attention to the news and the world around you. Make connections, and find issues that matter to you.”


     When Lewis was just out of college he did a some freelancing until his wife stepped in and told him she’d like to know where his next paycheck was coming from, after that Lewis got his first job as photographer at a newspaper.


     Lewis said that when he was first starting out as a photographer his yearly salary was about 25,000 a year. After a few years it was 35,000 and now it’s 55,000 a year.


     “In the future I want to be working on the stories that matter to me,” Lewis said. “The most important thing about photography is the people and the story, telling the story the way the people would want it to be told.”