From the Past to the Future: Virgil Ortiz


Virgil Ortiz was very unique in his form of art. He kept the native tradition, but along the years he sided with the future. Ortiz’ exhibit really caught my attention.

To start, the technique is different from most artists. He doesn’t use paint. He uses spinach. “He boils spinach until it turns black. Then, he adds water to make it smooth like paint.” Elle Welch, a media relations coordinator said. He did this on every one of his pieces. Big or small, he always uses the same formula. This is why all of his art is black. He sculpts his art with clay and then paints designs on them with the boiled spinach.

Also, he changes up his style. He started with native religious forms from the past, and then he started to do star wars figures from movies of the future. It’s like he was doing abstract art in sculpture form. Some of his art was unhuman like because of the basic shape. Although, some art work looked like a human in a costume or mask.

Over all, Virgil Ortiz is very talented. Even though he doesn’t do normal everyday art, he stands out and gives people a good memory. A memory no one will forget.