History in a house.


The Evans house. What does that mean to you?

The Evans house. What does that mean to you? I bet you’re thinking nothing I know nothing about the Byer or Evans family. So why should I care? Well I will tell you why you should care.

Starting off there family tree is John Evans. He lived from 1814-1897. John Evans co- founded Denver University. John was married to Margaret Gray.

Margaret Gray lived from 1863-1955. Margaret was a musician. Margaret and her friends loved to perform for her family. Margaret had two friends that were named Margaret and Margaret. Margaret and John also had 3 children. William, Evan, and Anne. She was the also the only one of 3 sisters to marry.

William was born in 1855 and died in 1924. Son of Margaret and John. William married Cornelia Lunt.

Katherine was the daughter of William and Cornelia. She was born in 1894 and died in 1977. She loved sports. She mainly played softball and tennis, and sometimes did a little horseback riding when the family and her were at their ranch.

Anne Evans was an artist. She loved painting. She collected Native American art which was mostly donated to the Denver Art Museum. She was the co-founder of the Denver Art Museum. Anna also saved the City Opera house from going out of business. Anne died at the age of 70.

Margaret and William also had another child. His name was Evan. Evan Evan was his name. Sadly he didn’t get married and didn’t do that much. But he was always a nice and sweet brother.

Last but not least is Josephine. Josephine was the daughter of William and Cornelia Evan. Josephine was a nurse in world war one. And after Josephine got back from the war she wasn’t the same. She went crazy and always stayed in her room. To calm herself she started to make leather and started to do some knitting. Josephine’s life lasted from 1887 to 1969.

By now I hope you would love to go and see the Byers and Evens house and learn even more fun facts from this historical site.


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