Interview with Jeffrey Bennett


      Jeffrey Bennett is the author of many science books, for kids and adults.

      Jeffrey Bennett is the author of many science books, for kids and adults. He studied physics in college at the University of California San Diego, where he got his bachelor's degree, and at the University of Colorado in Boulder where he got his masters and PHD degrees.

     Bennett has taught second and third grade along with some college classes. Now he writes college textbooks plus science books for kids and adults. This smart man worked for NASA before he wrote his many books. Bennett has written six college textbooks, five books for children, and three books for adults.

     The astronaut Alvin Drew read his book Max Goes to the Moon in space. Sadly, he had to read an online copy of the book because the real one would be too much weight in space. Shortly after Alvin Drew read Bennett’s book, the space station called and said that they thought it would be a fun idea to read books to kids from the space station; they wanted to read his books as the first ones. They also asked him if he could write a book called Max Goes to the Space Station. The space station read his five children’s books in the space station; they could use the real books, unlike when Alvin drew read Max Goes to the Moon in space.

     Bennett’s first books included pictures of his real dog named Max. When Max died, him and his family got another dog named Cosmo who was Max in two of his books. Otis, his current dog, will be Max in any more Max the Dog books Bennett may write.

     One interesting fact about Bennett is that his wife went to high school with Barack Obama. Bennett is a very interesting author that has lots of books, they were so good astronauts read them in space and in the space station.