Jeffrey Bennett, Space Scientist


Jeffrey Bennett, Space Scientist

Jeffrey Bennett, Space Scientist
Jeffrey Bennett was a space scientist, but has stopped working directly with NASA and is now the author of many books, including 6 college textbooks, What is Relativity?, Math for Life, Max goes to the moon, Max goes to Mars, Max goes to Jupiter, Max goes to the Space station, and The Wizard who saved the world. But how did he come to be? First, he went to college. For his bachelor’s degree, he went to the University of California, San Diego. Then, for his master’s degree and Ph.D., he went to the University of Colorado. His main class was physics.

When he was done with college, he started working with NASA. While he was doing this, he taught classes. “I started at teaching 2-3rd grade, but then I moved on to teach every grade.” says Bennett. He taught college math and astronomy, where something happened. He didn’t like the textbooks there, so he took the matter into his own hands and wrote his own notes. The notes kept on piling up, so he finally turned them into a college textbook. He made five more revised textbooks. After that, he stopped working directly with NASA. He also stopped teaching- sort of. His textbooks are used in nearly 1,000 colleges. Most of America’s colleges use his textbooks. Once he dropped NASA and teaching, he started writing. He mostly wrote kids books, like the adventure Max series.

Did you know that the Max’s in there are all different? For the first two books, Max goes to the Moon and Max goes to Mars, the original Max stars. For the next two, Max goes to Jupiter and Max goes to the Space station, Cosmo got the spotlight, even though Bennett called him Max. “And I asked my dog Otis,” Says Bennett, “‘If I ever make a book called Max goes to Saturn, would you be OK if I called you Max?”

The book “Max goes to the Space Station” originated like this: Bennett once got a call from a lady. He picked it up, and she said “Alvin Drew is waiting here. He would like to read your book ‘Max goes to the Moon’ to kids on the space shuttle today.” Bennett was overjoyed. He said yes. But there was a minor problem- the book was light, but it was still too much excess weight to carry. They couldn’t bring the book. But Bennett had a solution- he sent Drew an E-book to read, since that didn’t add any weight (Drew was already bringing his computer). And so they read, and kids all over listened to it. “But,” said Drew’s colleagues, “I wish I could hold it in my hands and turn the pages.” And then Drew set up the Story Time From Space organization, and told Bennett that he would like to read Bennett’s first for books to kids. Of course Bennett said yes. But there was one problem: They were reading it at the space station, and there was no “Max goes to the Space Station” book! Bennett had a solution for that, too.

Now Bennett is living with Otis, the Rottweiler (In fact, ALL of his dogs were Rottweilers!) his two kids, Grant (Age 17) and Brooke (Age 14). Max goes to the Moon won the Colorado book award, and Max goes to Jupiter won the Children’s Choice award. To learn more about Bennett or the Story Time From Space organization, go to