Space Scientist


     Jeffrey Bennett has worked with NASA and at NASA.

     Jeffrey Bennett has worked with NASA and at NASA. He has taught 2nd grade, 3rd grade and



     He then wrote his own college textbooks, at the University of Colorado. Then wrote a book

called Max Goes to the Moon he named the main character Max after his dog. Then he wrote

Max Goes to Mars and Max goes to Jupiter.


     Over the years Max died but that didn’t stop Jeffrey he got a new rottweiler and named it Cosmo.

One day an astronaut, Alvin Drew, wanted to read children’s books on the moon and he

asked to use one of Jeffrey’s books! Alvin wanted to use Max Goes to the Moon but

unfortunately it was to heavy so they read it on ebook, Jeffrey wanted them to read the actual

book so they read in the space station. A little while later Alvin came to Jeffrey and said we

have Max Goes to the Moon, Mars and Jupiter but we don’t have Max Goes to the Space Station

well I’ll write it then, said Jeffrey so he did then Cosmo died but Jeffrey got another rottweiler

named Otis. Jeffrey also wrote the witch who saved the world. Jeffrey has two kids Grant and

Brooke, Grant is 17 years old and Brooke is 14

years old.


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