State Capital


There is a lot of gold and marble, There are pillars that spread through the in side. And the silver chandeliers that hang many feet above you. The Colorado state capitol’s gold dome definitely pops out of Downtown Denver.

The main thing that caught my eye was the Woman’s Gold Tapestry.The Picture is of a lot of important woman like Elizabeth Pellet, Patricia Mcintosh, Clara Brown, and more. These woman are all important to Colorado. The picture is all hand stitched. its 9×12 feet, and it took 4,500 hours to make.

In the capital there is a lot of rose onix. Because our capital has so much rose onix There is no more in the world, so if that for some reason gets destroyed there will be now more in the world. In the rose onix some people can see shapes, one person saw George Washington and nexed to it there is something that looks like a turkey. Once in the rose onix there was a dent, because they didn’t have any more rose onixs to fill it in with they used wood and dyed it to make it look the same.