The Doctor of Arts


Gina Laurin from the Denver Arts Museum is a Senior object conservator that preserves on artwork. Object conservators are trained to treat and work on artwork. They work in labs and the job is about science and chemistry. She works on things from Ecuador and South Africa.


Gina has been doing this job at the Denver Arts Museum for about 10 years, but she has been a object conservator in general for about 30 years. She trained in England for 15 years, and did some schooling out of those 15 years. Gina’s first job was an archaeologist.


Gina specifically works on any 3-D objects and treats textiles. Gina says that her specialty is working on cloth/clothing. She has been working on treating a dance mask, or a spirit mask; a cultural material made out of cloth. She is also working on a coat that dates to about 1750. It was embroidered. Other things that she has been treating are two horses and one wiseman. They were from the story of Baby Jesus. The horses had the cloth that they wore to see Jesus.


Gina uses a lot of medical tools. She cleaned an aircraft with swabsticks. Gina wears a lab coat to work. She does scientific examinations. She has an x-ray of one of the horses. Gina goes to Denver Health, the Denver hospital, to get x-rays of her artwork! That is why she calls herself “The Doctor of the Arts”.