The State Capitol


The Capitol Building is made of many stones from Colorado. Some floors are are made of yule marble. Outside the building is made of granite. Some of the walls are made of rose onyx ,and if any gets damaged they have to replace it with a piece of wood painted like this rock. They do this because all the rose onyx in the building is all of that rock in the world ,so if you lose some that’s it ,there’s no more. In one part of the wall there are two visible shapes that appeared when they cut the rock in half. Those shapes are George Washington and to the right of that is a turkey.

The dome on top of the structure is made from 140,000 flakes of gold and took 6 months to place every piece on top. Elijah E. Meyers was the architect of this building in 1894. Almost all the stone was from CO ,so it cost 2.7 million dollars to build ( which is 1.7 million dollars over budget ). In the governor’s office there is a horse that used to stand in front of the local library but now sits in the office. It was donated and is called Scott. In front of the structure is also 3 “mile high” marks but only one that is correct. The heaviest chandelier weighs one ton ,so they have to put special things above the ceiling to hold them up. The State Capitol has a lot of things to make it special to other capitals.