The Woman’s Gold Tapestry


In the Colorado State Capitol, there is a Woman’s Gold Tapestry.

In the Colorado State Capitol, there is a Woman’s Gold Tapestry. It has many Coloradan Women who were very important to Colorado.

Aunt Clara Brown:
¨Aunt¨ Clara Brown was an amazing woman, she was an African-American immigrant, and sold when she was just 9 years old. She fell in love with a man, John, and married him once they were both free. They had two children and their names are unknown. She traveled to St.Louis, and then Leavenworth, Kansas. There, she met some nice men going to Colorado for gold, and tagged along with them. There, she started a successful laundry business to wash clothes for the miners and all townsfolk. When she made enough, she donated all her money to charity. Clara eventually found one of her daughters, but, she lived in a different state. Clara couldn’t visit her because she gave all her money to charity. The townsfolk loved Clara so much, they rounded up enough money to send Clara to see her, and send her and her daughter back to Denver, Colorado. Clara was nicknamed ¨Aunt¨ Clara Brown because the townspeople loved her, and she was like an aunt to them.


Silver Shoes:
Silver Shoes was a dancer, a mighty good one, too. She was considered ¨one of the most beautiful dance hall girls¨ in Colorado. One year, a sickness called SmallPox came into town, and some people caught it. Most people fled, afraid that they would catch it, including doctors. But Silver Shoes stayed, she helped all the people who caught it be cured. By now, most people were cured. Silver Shoes, unfortunately, caught SmallPox. It deformed her face, so she couldn’t dance anymore. She fled into the mountains and no one knows where she went.

This tapestry is very important to Colorado. At least 3,000 women put at least one stitch into the tapestry. There is a list of names below the cloth saying each woman’s name who put work into the tapestry.