Tourism Benefits Funding


Tourism is surprisingly helpful to funding for individual states, but also to the whole country.

Tourism is surprisingly helpful to funding for individual states, but also to the whole country. When people take trips, they pay taxes for that state, but they are not using the schools, housing, or other things that that state’s funding goes toward, therefore giving more money to them, which means new jobs and tax revenue for that particular state. That’s why we want people to come to Colorado.


In 2013, people traveling to Colorado spent $976 million dollars during their vacation. That’s enough to help a family of four in America $800 dollars with their taxes, and provides more than 150,700 jobs with salaries 4.7 billion dollars in tourism combined. “Most of where tourists spend their money is in hotels,” said Amber, “but the main reason people want to come to Colorado is to come to our outdoors.” In this case, most of our advertising is showing our mountains and rivers.

Advertising is the main way we try to get people to come to Colorado, but is also very expensive. Another form of advertising we get a little cheaper is by inviting writers or other people that can get the word out to Colorado, then try to make it a great experience for them, then they will hopefully write about how great it was for them, then others who see that will get their own idea of planning a trip. We especially show these advertisements in the summer, the highest tourism season, and get involved in CTO’s social media.

Target Markets are extremely present in advertising Colorado, the fifth state in the number of tourists that visit. “Primary targets are families” says Amber. Most travel with kids, which means extra money. We also target to countries that have more vacation days, and can get here easily. Both of these factors affect how willing a person is to travel.

Sadly, the average American leaves 3.2 days unused. This tones all of these purposes down. Tourism is a huge benefit, it helps funding to the state and country without participating in any of what the funding goes to.