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On Saturday June 13th the toy exhibit will be open to all families so they can lear

On Saturday June 13th the toy exhibit will be open to all families so they can learn about the many toys of the 50s -70s.This exhibit will connect with many’s childhood.


¨ These toys seem like old friends. I feel nostalgic walking through this exhibit.¨ Director of publishing,Deborah Redman, said ,¨The 50s and 60s parts feel like deisa vo to me. It is like walking down memory lane.¨


Alison Salutz the Educator said,” The reason that this exhibit was made was because in Minnesota History Center they have a similar exhibit which inspired the center and these toys were shipped in . Also everyone can connect to toys in some way since everyone has had a toy even if it was just a stick. Toys are just fun to talk about in general.¨


Project manager Shannon Voirol said,¨ This exhibit connects with my childhood especially the 60s .¨ All of the exhibit has living rooms in that decade. Each living room tv shows ads for all of the toys that are specific to the decade. The company Mattel was the first company to advertise toys to children . Two out of three, Elliot and Ruth handler, of the founders were raised in Colorado.


Toys that were made in the 50s may have a connection to you. The slinky was made in the 1946 . In the 50s cowboys, the 8 ball , Tonkas,and trains . In the 60s barbie sales were high. For the living room in is a barbie dream house.Toys in the 60s are Lincoln Logs, Chatty Kathy,and Easy Bake Oven . G I Joe was a popular toy throughout 1964 -1965 but disappeared 1969 to 1974. When it came out once again the action figure was an adventure man. Toys from the 70s include sesame street, star wars, simon and one man army.


This exhibit will allow you to travel through history and interact these games and toys.