Toys of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s at the History Colorado Center.


Today I went to the History Colorado Center to see the unopened “Toys”exhibit. After about 2 years they finally got all the toys in and the exhibit built. I talked to three ladies that work at the History Center: Shannon Voirol, Deborah Rodman, and Alison Salutz. Shannon is the Exhibit Developer and gets to work with all the designers and plan all the exhibits, not to mention that she gave me a great tour. Deborah is the Director of Public Relations. She brings in the press and already many news channels have come in. Lastly, Alison is in the Education Department. She gets to plan all the things they do for school groups. For this exhibit, every Tuesday at 11:30, all through the summer families with kids of all ages can come and goof off. They will fly paper airplanes from the second floor plus, “ We hope that families with all ages of kids can come and have fun.” Says Alison.


Shannon says that “ We have this exhibit because it is an interesting way to connect people’s personal childhood to what was happening nationally.”


One of the most interesting facts we learned about the 50’s was that adds started in 1950. Ads only were scarcely around Christmas time. Mattel was the first company to buy year round advertizing. Mattel was owned by Elliott and Ruth Handler. Big around that time was Cowboys, some toys include: Hopalong Cassidy, Howdy Doody, 8 balls, and Slinkies.


In the 60’s they are mostly focused on Barbie! Did you know that Barbie Dolls were named after Elliott and Ruth’s daughter Barbie?! There was also G.I. Joe but people boycotted it because it was around the Vietnam war. So, they closed sales until after the war.Other popular toys include: Cooties, Easy Bake Oven, Legos, and Lincoln logs.


The 70’s: Barbie was still popular and one of the first pretend guns came out! Other popular toys include: Little People, Sesame Street, Simon, Nerf, and Hungry Hungry Hippos!


The exhibit opens on Saturday the 13th.