Trip to the Art Museum


      Eight Students from NextGen YJD, visited The Denver Art Museum for a

      Eight Students from NextGen YJD, visited The Denver Art Museum for a fantastic behind-the-scenes.These eight students went to the discovery area and found three artifacts from foreign countries! One was cool statues of Magis and horses, from the christmas story of Jesus, who died for us. These Magis and horses were from Ecuador,and before the Art Museum found these, they were in someone’s freezer, with termites. “This King is King Casper. That’s what they called it.” Gina said.

                         The person who showed us, was Gina Laurin, The Senior Objects Conservator. “These Magis and Horses were made in 1650.” Says Gina Laurin. “ We replaced the ears because they were completely tore off.”

                         The Second Artifact was a giant headdress from Africa. “What Can you tell us Gina?” Kid Reporter Judson Nash Asked. “Well… It was made in Nigeria,Africa in 1950…And people would wear something like this to a festival,to dance and keep their spirits up and worship.”Gina Answered. “What was it like when you found it?” Asked another reporter. “It was in a basement with a big spider habitat living inside it.” Gina replied. “There is about 30 different patterns of fabric.” Gina noted.A small head resting on top, made out of bronze,and it was rusted.Its rotating head created an illusion of dance.

The third artifact was from France in the 1600s. “This is a jacket that was made in France, that a Frenchman would basically wear.” Gina said “We found this actually in someone’s closet.We are going to hang this up in the next three days.” Gina Said.The jacket was red, with a gold was tailored and sewed by a conquisater.

Gina showed us some tools that they used, from dusters, to these special glasses. “Thank you,Gina.”We said,and walked off.These three artifacts were amazing. I hope to come back and see them. The horses and kings are going to be on display around Christmas, the african mask next year, and the frenchman jacket in three days.Thank you Denver Post,Parents for showing up, and anyone else.

We had a great time reporting on this topic. I would like to dedicate it to The Denver Post. I’m OUT!