Have the Time of Your Life at Circus Mirandus


“Circus Mirandus” by Cassie Beasley is about a child named Micah whose grandfather is dying. His grandfather tells him stories about the Circus Mirandus, which is a magical circus that travels around the world. Micah’s grandfather discovered the circus when he was a child. It was during WWII and his father was away fighting. His mother always told him to go to school, but instead he would go down to the beach and write letters to his father.

One day he heard music. Pipes and drums. He followed the music and found the Circus Mirandus. At the circus he got a miracle from one of the performers whose name is the Lightbender. Micah’s grandfather saved that miracle and now since he is dying Micah must go find the circus and bring the Lightbender himself to his grandfather. Micah also makes a new friend named Jenny. They are doing a school project together but soon become very close friends. Micah brings Jenny to the circus. At first Jenny doesn’t believe in magic, but after experiencing it she believes, which is the circus’s goal.

Even though the book started off a little slow it sped up until I couldn’t put it down. There was also a similarity between this book and the “Harry Potter” series where there is a hidden circus in one and a hidden school in the other. There was nothing I disliked about the book. It was also pretty to the point and the author didn’t waste time telling you about things you didn’t need to know. I would give this book five out of five starts and suggest it ages eight and up. The reason I did this is because there might be some words that are hard for someone younger. However, a parent might want to read this book to their children before bed for fun.