Edison’s Alley


The wait is over… Book two of the Accelerati Trilogy, Edison’s Alley, by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman is out. It is a fitting sequel to the first book in the series, Tesla’s Attic.

Long, long ago, Nicholas Tesla, a famous innovator and rival to Thomas Edison, lived in Colorado Springs and left his house full of innovative technology… In modern times, a teenager named Nick and his family moved into the house after a tragic accident at their home in Florida. Upon their arrival, they found a load of old appliances and other inventions; unknowingly, they sold all of this at a garage sale. When Nick finally discovered that all of these inventions had very cool features, and could be put together to create a Tesla Tower (something that generates free electricity to all), Nick and his friends begin a quest to collect all the items, and make the machine to fulfill this great inventor’s destiny. Although, there is one problem: an organization called the Accelerati created by Thomas Edison (Tesla’s enemy) tries to stop them, so they can continue bathing in the glory of Edison’s fame for discovering electricity. Follow Nick and his friends as they try to collect all of Tesla’s inventions back, while overcoming difficult obstacles.

Overall, this novel was detailed, funny, and entertaining as it showed Nick and his friends trying to collect all of Tesla’s inventions while competing with the Accelerati. Although children under 10 might not understand the Tesla and Edison references, this would be a good book for kids over the age of 8 to read, and people who are interested in sci-fi/fantasy would very much enjoy this book. All in all, Edison’s Alley by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman is a good book to pick up the next time you’re at the library.