Human Anatomy Puzzle


The Human Anatomy Puzzle by Melissa and Doug is a great toy that brings fun to learning. Kids doing this puzzle can put it together while looking at the labeled body parts. The puzzle has 100 pieces that when finished with the puzzle can stand at four feet tall. The product made it easy enough where you are not stumped for days on it but still a bit difficult. I believe the age recommendation of 8 and up was appropriate for this toy.

Nothings perfect and this toy is no exception. This puzzle is double sided with a body with organs on one side and bones on the other. This can be good and bad. For one, it was confusing to solve when you are looking at two sides. Then again if you have a focused, and have a one track mind this puzzle would be great for you. One thing I thought was odd about this toy, was some names of body parts are labeled as a scientific name like the Humerus is. Other labels are common names we say without thinking like on the puzzle it says shin bone when it should say tibia and fibula. The puzzle could improve by doing all scientific names not both common and scientific.