Charisma: How Far Would You Go?


Charisma by Jeanne Ryan is a captivating novel about a young girl named Aislyn. Aislyn has a crippling shyness and when a opportunity is given to her (a illegal gene therapy called Charisma,) to make her less shy, she immediately takes it. Right after taking it,Charisma has worked, she is no longer shy and everyone loves her. But suddenly she realizes the effects of Charisma hasn’t only changed her but the people around her too. Will she give up Charisma and her new personality or keep Charisma?

Charisma reeked with personality and tons of emotion! You could feel Aislyn’s pain and awkwardness. Jeanne Ryan described every event clearly and sharply. With all this chaos happening in the book, the author managed to keep the story relatable. its makes you wonder,what would you do if you were in Aislyn’s situation.

This book, I believe, is very close to perfect. The few things I would change about it is the age recommendation. The age recommendation is 12 and up. If I chose a recommendation it would be 14 and up because of two things. One, there are inappropriate language and two,there is a lot of under age drinking.

Over all, this book had a good moral and was a great novel.