Keep an “eye” out for this novel


“But you are just a kid” is a saying used by people who underestimate the abilities that kids have to do great things. In the book “The Eye of the Falcon” by Michelle Paver, a young boy named Hylas tries to take on a quest that seems just flat out impossible.

His first task is to save Pirra, the girl he accidently sent into captivity at a land called “Keftiu.” Pirra happens to be the daughter of the high priestess Yassassara. A group called the “Crows” also is trying to find Pirra because she stole the dagger that belonged to their master Koronos during an encounter. Hylas needs to find Pirra before the Crows get to her and kill Pirra. On the way to finding Pirra, Hylas runs into a bunch of surprises, even some which happen to be life-threatening. Sadly, the Crows beat Hylas to Pirra but when she is on the verge of dying, Hylas sweeps in and saves the day. Both of them escape but the Crows are right on their tails in high pursuit. Hylas just wants to escape but Pirra has a different idea in her mind. The land of Keftiu had long been forgotten by the gods so there was no summer or any other season besides winter. Her mom had died trying to bring back the sun and Pirra was desperate to finish off what her mom had started. Aided by a lion cub and a falcon, will Pirra and Hylas manage to keep the dagger hidden and save the land, or will they destroy it.

This book pulls you right into its exciting pages and makes you feel that you are joining Hylas and Pirra on their quests. You never know when the book is done because every time something positive happens, another challenge follows. I would recommend this book to ages 10+ and anyone who enjoys non-stop action. This book has little mythology but is full of adventure, and should be on everybody’s summer reading list.