Max: The Air Jordans of Dog


Max is a thrilling and powerful movie about a boy named Justin (Josh Wiggins). He had recently lost his brother named Kyle (Robbie Amell) in a bombing during war, and Justin is given Kyle’s war dog. The dog Max, has trouble trusting people other than Kyle. Justin works at gaining Max’s trust. Max and Justin go on many adventures some of which they get in trouble. Max is on the verge of being put down for being overly protective and aggressive, but when Justin’s dad goes missing they join forces to set out to find him.

Max was a spectacular movie with many stunts and action and even a little humor to add to the enjoyment. I like the message of the movie and how they highlighted the number of soldiers and war dogs that get hurt or killed in the war and how devastating it is to the other soldiers and families if they do. There was a great connection with Max in the movie and you can tell exactly what he was thinking. For example, if Max was frightened he would howl and whine or if he was happy he would relax and pant. Overall, the actors were great and very believable!

I believe PG was appropriate rating for this movie and would be fine for ages 8 and up. Anyone who likes action, adventure, friendship, or dogs will really enjoy this film. If you are sensitive to animals being hurt, frightened, or sad then I would be cautious for this movie is very emotional.