Bernie Sanders’ ‘Campaign for America’


Bernie Sanders is a presidential candidate who many people think could make our country better. He is giving speeches throughout the country, and has recently given one in Colorado. I attended it in the Hamilton Gymnasium at the Ritchie Center on June 20th.

The crowd kept on shouting “Bernie!” and waving their “Bernie for President” signs, waiting for him to arrive.

Sanders began his speech with: “This campaign is about you, your kids, and your parents. This nation belongs to all of us, not just a handful of millionaires and billionaires. […] Tonight, we are sending a message to the billionaire class. You cannot have it all!” Most people were shouting “Bernie!” after each of his ideas.

He presented many problems that he aimed to fix, including pay and job equity. He also said that women need pay equity and that just because they are not men it doesn’t mean they are not as good. Sanders called our current minimum wage ($7.25 an hour) a “starvation wage.”

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, it takes 85 hours a week at minimum wage just to afford a two bedroom apartment in Colorado. He believes we need at least $15 dollars an hour for our minimum wage.

Sanders talked about how America needs to end what he called “the embarrassment of being the only major country that does not offer health care as a right”. Every single other major industrial country, he said, has health care as a right. Also, instead of the 65% who don’t vote, he said 90% should vote, because this is a democracy and we need the people’s input to decide who leads.

Sanders stated that all public colleges should be free. There are millions of bright children that don’t go to college. Why? According to Sanders, it is not because they aren’t smart enough, but because they don’t have the money.

Bernie Sanders had a crowd following him all the way from the podium to his car. He has many supporters that believe in his ability to make our country better and to raise all of the people of our country to an equal level.