VegFest: A Fun, Family Event


Fruits and veggies are what you may think of when you hear about Colorado’s VegFest, but in reality, the festival didn’t even have raw fruits and vegetables to sell.

The VegFest, which was at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 20 and Sunday, June 21, was a festival that celebrated the vegan lifestyle–maintaining health and wellness without use of animal products.

However, you didn’t have to be a vegan or even a vegetarian to enjoy it because there was such a variety of items at a variety of booths. There were many samples of products such as lotions, oils, and perfumes. Also, there was food to buy ranging from cheesy and spicy bean dips to smooth caramels and coconut truffles.

Skin care products and foods weren’t the only attractions, though. There were also booths promoting steps towards world wellness, such as a booth selling shoes made of recycled material and one selling products to raise money to create steady incomes for communities in eastern Africa.

The festival wasn’t just for grown-ups, though! While there were booths containing more serious of matters, there was also ice cream and face-painting for the younger age groups.

At the VegFest, there was an overall positive atmosphere, for all of the venders and their products showed that they care about their health, their community, and their environment.

This event is a fun experience for the whole family! It can be especially fun for someone who is not vegan or vegetarian to go the the VegFest to get a glimpse at a unique and different lifestyle.

With vendors inside and outside, there is a lot to see and do for all ages. Whether you would prefer to spend the whole day there or simply stop by for a few minutes, the VegFest is a fantastic event. Make sure you don’t miss it next year!