Secret Decoder Toy Review


It is scientifically proven that humans need a balance of not only work, but also play, children more than ever. Some people fantasize about flying a fake airplane into a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s mouth, some dream of baking cupcakes in an Easy Bake oven, and some adore the idea of decoding messages, finding clues, and deciphering mysterious codes. “Secret Decoder: Deluxe Activity Set” is a set for these people, the younglings who want to become the next Nancy Drew.

The “Secret Decoder: Deluxe Activity Set” is a collection of toy spy gadgets and activity books that they can be utilized in. The set consists of three workbooks, each meant to be completed with a different tool; the “seek and find lense”, the “decoder wheels”, and the “color-changing markers”. Permitted to children above the age of six, the books are constructed of mysteries and codes that are cracked with these utensils.

To begin, this toy is definitely directed towards children between the ages seven and ten. While the workbooks are enjoyable, they would be ridiculously elementary and boring for people above this age group. For example, the red “seek and find lense” is used to find hidden clues and pictures in one of the books, however to a slightly observant eye, they are quite obvious without the lense. The “decoder wheels” activities require quite a bit of mindless coloring, and for an intuitive mind can become monotonous. However, for younger people, this is a truly interesting toy. Kid’s will be entertained by sleuthing around to find secretive clues in the lense workbook. In “Decoder Wheels”, youngsters decipher codes with keys, as well as color-changing markers, which is very engaging. Book 3, where people use invisible ink and revealing markers to have secretive conversations, is probably appealing to the most ages out of the three, and creates a stealthy yet splendid time for both participants. Despite this, the activities do not take long to bore of, and they are something only a child who plays with their toys often, as well as has the ability to sit down and reservedly play, will appreciate.

In conclusion, the “Secret Decoder: Deluxe Activity Set” is an interesting toy that would be delightful for a child between seven and ten years old who enjoys mysteries and solving them. It will spread merriment to young detectives in the making who don’t want to leave the comfort of their own home.