An Adventurous Piggy And Some Farts


The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary Of Pig, by Emer Stamp is a funny easy read. The book is a diary of a pig named Pig. Pig and all of the other animals are named after the animal that they are, like Pig, Duck, Cow, and the Sheep. It is written from the point of view of Pig, his grammar sometimes does not make sense. I like that Stamp tried to show that Pig was speaking pig as he wrote because it’s funny, unique and encourages the readers to believe that it is a actual pig. Pig lives in the pig house. Pig loves farmer and his slops, which is pig food. Everyday farmer brings Pig slops, scratches Pig’s back and calls Pig his “special” name, “Roast Pig,” which I think is pretty funny, but mean. He is pretty much calling him dinner. Pig’s best friend Duck, lives in the duck pond. Next to the pig house is the chicken house, where the evil chickens live. Soon Duck tells Pig what farmer really means by “Roast Pig”, and Pig gets sad, and really mad at farmer. Suddenly, Duck found out the evil chickens were building something evil! I thought this book was hilarious! I recommend this book for all ages, but I think ages 5-11, will enjoy it most. I mean it’s pretty childish. The humor though, it’s so funny and playful! I definitely recommend this book for people who would love a laugh, are adventurous, and like hearing how big and smelly pigs farts are.