2015 Cherry Creek Arts Festival


Curious tourists and jubilant artists fill the streets of Cherry Creek. The sounds of people conversing and footsteps on the concrete float across the pavement. Smells of pasta and ice cream and many more treats linger in the air.

This is the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Even though the main attraction at this festival is the art, much can be said about the food and beverages served. The stands have pizza, ice cream, chicken, Italian food, Greek food, and cuisine with a spicy kick.

These stands, and more, are all located on a  street that has only stands serving food. Drinks, such as water, lemonade and a variety of alcoholic beverages can be found on every street corner at the festival.

A lot of the drinks are not kid friendly, but there are many kid friendly drinks as well; you can always find food for picky children.

Of course, gorgeous arts stands border the streets displaying their breathtaking art. There is great diversity between the artists and the art. There are male and female artists, and art in every size.

The prices of the art vary with the size, delicacy, and detail of the pieces. You can buy simple art, abstract art, 3D art, photography, jewelry, glass, purses, clay, paintings, metal art, oil art, bottle cap art, clothing and wood work.

I interviewed tourists and artists about the festival. About 65% of tourists were at the festival from out of state and the same amount had been at the festival before.

Of course, the most common reason to visit the festival was to see the art. The first artist that I interviewed became interested in art at a very young age.He and his wife make glass sculptures, and he told me his inspiration was that, “glass is magical.” His sculptures take anywhere from 2-10 days to build.

The second artist that I had the privilege to interview worked with clay, and had been interested in art ever since she could pick up a crayon and scribble on the wall. For the most part, she makes admirable, abstract clay faces. She said that her inspiration for this was her very handicapped brother. She always thought her brother was beautiful, despite his disabilities, so she was inspired to make clay faces and challenge the idea of beauty. Her pieces take a total of a few weeks to construct, glaze and fire in the kiln.

The third and final artists that I talked to had a different idea of art. They, too, have always loved art, for it is in their family background. However, they don’t create paintings or sculptures; they make purses. Nature was their inspiration. Also, they believe that art can be used in our everyday lives, rather than just having it hang on a wall or sit on a table. Although they make their art in batches of 40, they mentioned that it would take around 3 hours to make a single purse.

I would say that 50% of the artists had never displayed art at the festival, while 50% had displayed art at the festival many years before. I have great thoughts on this years art festival. I loved all of the displays. I also enjoyed that they had activities besides walking around to see the art.

There was a children’s booth where the kids could paint and do crafts,  performances along some streets and an activity called painting on the plaza, which is an instructed canvas painting class. The Cherry Creek Arts festival is a great activity for families of all sizes and people of all ages. I highly recommend going to the intriguing art at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.