What’s For Dinner?


The Omnivore’s Dilemma, written by Michael Pollan, explores the ways America’s food is produced and consumed. Beginning with the once simple question of “What’s for dinner?” readers learn about the importance of corn in the industrial food chain, what the true meaning of organic is, and the dying art of hunting and gathering.

Starting off in the industrial food chain, Pollan writes about the dependence of corn and how every supermarket has corn in nearly every product. He then leads readers to feedlots and factory farms where cattle are fed insane amounts of corn later resulting in health problems for both human and cow.

Next Pollan travels through the industrial organic food chain to discover what the word “organic” means in this day and age. Following big companies like Cascadian Farms and Earthbound Farm the new “organic” is defined. He then takes readers to Polyface Farm where beef is grass fed and all the animals live in perfect harmony with each other and nature.

Completing the book with a hunted and gathered meal, Pollan brings awareness to the dying art of how food was once caught and eaten. All in all the Omnivore’s Dilemma is a novel that readers will enjoy. This book will instill much knowledge in young adults about the culture of food in the USA.

At first all the information was quite intimidating, but thankfully there are also solutions to the growing problems. There are mild cuss words and graphic descriptions suggesting that the writing is for young adult audiences aged 11 to 14. I would give this piece of writing four out of five stars.