Blue Birds Dancing Through Friendship


Alis is a girl who lives in Roanoke, with her family, and Indians. “Blue Birds” , by Caroline Starr Rose, is a book about a young girl named Alis, who moves to Roanoke with a settlement group, and befriends an Indian girl that nobody knows about.

Twelve- year old Alis traveled a long distance with her family and settled into a new world, and wanted to explore her new surroundings. As she skips through the meadows looking at all the beautiful flowers, a movement in a bush startles her. She walks over to see what it was and finds an Indian girl about the same age as her. She starts to run back to her new home, her father had warned her about the Indians. While running, her prized wooden bird that her uncle made for her, drops from her garments. She goes back to pick it up, but the Indian girl beat her.

Soon after losing her bird, Alis goes back to the place where her and the Indian girl had met. Alis finds the girl there waiting for her return. Alis nervously walks up to the girl, and asks for her bird back. The girl gives the bird back and then introduces herself, “Hi, I am Kimi”.  Alis, then tells Kimi her name. Soon, they become friends.

“Blue Birds” is a very unique book, because it is written in poem form. It doesn’t rhyme, but it is written in stanzas, instead of paragraphs. Also, something unique about this book is Caroline Starr Rose tells the story from the view of two different characters; Kimi and Alis. I really liked reading their different points of view.

Caroline Starr Rose made this book so interesting to read. I was attracted to the book, due to the vivid details (although some details were disturbing). I would not recommend this book for anyone under the age of 10 due to the amount of violence in the book. Parents are needed when kids read this book, because there are a lot of big vocabulary words that I had trouble reading.