Summer Fun at Stapleton: Suessical the Musical


Imagine a world where all you would have to do to accomplish anything would be to think, a world where anything is possible. Sounds pretty great, right?

This is the world created in the musical Seussical, a show of colorful birds, rambunctious monkeys, an excluded elephant, and a great thinker and Who by the name of JoJo, all narrated by Dr. Seuss’s own Cat in the Hat.

At 7 pm on Saturday, July 11, this show was put on at Stapleton Park by the theatre company 3 Leaches. The cast was a mix of children and adults and there were colorful costumes and a good amount of choreography.

It wasn’t the musical that made this event special, however, it was the fact that it was a free community event.

This means the park was wide open for anyone and everyone to set up camp chairs and picnic blankets to enjoy the show.

Anyone and everyone came, too. There were bicycles, dogs, adults, kids, and many happy toddlers dancing around to the music of Seussical.

Many of these people brought picnic dinners or ate at one of the food trucks that showed up to the events.

All of this contributed to the inviting atmosphere of this free event. Everyone was joyfully chatting or playing, regardless of if they were a Stapleton resident hanging out with their neighbors or a group of people from another city looking for a good time.

You missed Chicago and Seussical, but it is not too late to plan on going to the Shakespeare production Much Ado About Nothing on August 13-15.

Make sure you put it on your calendar!