Big Ego; Small Hero


I recently had the chance to see Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd. This was easily my favorite Marvel movie of all time, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve seen them all.
Throughout the entire film there were laugh-out-loud moments. Paul Rudd is known for his comedic roles, and his talent for humor carries into this new blockbuster. The actor Michael Peña leads a band of Ant-Man’s sidekicks and adds to the comedic tone; in the process he steals a couple of scenes.

The special effects were especially good. The central idea of Ant-Man is his ability to shrink, giving the CGI guys a lot to work with – especially in a hilarious scene involving Thomas the Tank Engine. (In addition, in one scene they somehow managed to make Michael Douglas look 30 years younger!)
Ant-Man’s fight scenes are epic, due to his ability to shrink and grow in milliseconds. Punch, shrink, kick, jump, grow, and punch again: scenes with fighting had me on the edge of my seat. One of those fight scenes involves a fun cameo by the Falcon, who is guarding the Avengers base that Ant-Man tries to steal a device from. When the Falcon loses the fight with Ant-Man, he makes a wry comment about keeping his defeat a secret from Captain America.
One of the coolest parts of the movie is when Ant-Man summons ants to his aid. Whether they are bullet ants or crazy ants, they serve the small hero with complete loyalty and bravery.

The humor throughout the entire film kept it from getting to dark. It reminded me of the light tone from last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This movie had a family feel to it, although there were a few instances of inappropriate language. Be sure to stay through the credits, because there are a couple of additional scenes during and after the credits that hint at a sequel.

Overall, the movie was a very enjoyable experience for me. If you go, I hope you will have the same reaction as me; “I loved it!”