Artists Paint Cars at the Denver Art Museum


To kick off a recent partnership between the Denver Art Museum and the Denver Toyota Dealers Association, the Denver Art Museum hosted an event where artists painted cars. No, they didn’t paint little cars zooming around on canvases, the artists painted on the cars themselves. The cars were covered with a vinyl sheet, which is what the artists painted, or spray-painted. When they were done, the vinyl was fully secured to the car, a bit like a giant sticker. The material covering the windows and windshield was then removed, resulting in a beautifully decorated car ready for display.

The three artists participating in the event were Lisa Cameron Russell, Mike Graves, and Sandra Fettingis. In correspondence with the Art Museum’s new exhibit In Bloom: Painting Flowers in the Age of Impressionism. the artists were asked to use a floral theme when painting the cars. Russell, Graves, and Fettingis all have strikingly unique styles. Russell likes to paint floral designs using the tried-and-true paintbrush, while Grave’s style is more cartoonish and his tool of choice is spray-paint. Fettingis also uses spray-paint, but her style utilizes more geometric patterns. Overall, the artists painted six cars, two by each artist.

The Denver Toyota Dealers Association consists of six dealerships, called the Hometown Toyota stores. These dealerships are: Mountain States Toyota, Stevinson Toyota West, Stevinson Toyota East, AutoNation Toyota Arapahoe, Larry H. Miller Boulder Toyota, and Groove Toyota. Each dealership will receive one of the painted cars to put on display.

Also due to the partnership, it will be possible for the Denver Art Museum to offer free general admission on the first Saturday of the month through to December, these events are called “Free First Saturdays.” Also coming soon are “Untitled Final Fridays.” You guessed it: these occur on the final Friday of the month, through October. Untitled Final Fridays include behind-the-scenes tours, local artist performances, and the opportunity to create your own art! For more information on these events, visit the Denver Art Museum website at